Unlocking your next exercise level

Everyone dreams to have that nice, slim figure. Or, at the very least, to be healthy.

But strangely enough, most people choose to avoid exercising while filling their schedules with alternatives – be it working extra time, hanging out with friends or just enjoying the same movie on Netflix at home.

What is wrong with that logic?

The truth is… people dread exercise, thinking that it is a brutal sacrifice. Since forever, we are constantly been reminded that exercise means punishing your body endlessly in and out of gym. Not only you have to spend hours doing impossible workouts, you also have to resist temptations and regulate your diet.

In the end, when you are caught right in between your need to avoid pain and your desire to be in-shape, what do you do?

But if you don't start today, when will you see the difference in yourself? Like the saying goes, 'no pain, no gain,' you won't be able to obtain that lean figure without a little pain.



It's time to revolutionise yourself and bring yourself back into shape – both health and body. Although there is no medicine to hastening the process, but there is a secret shortcut to unlocking your exercise to the next level: VO2 Max

Widely used in global healthcare practice and sports medicine, VO2 Max is the measurement of the maximum oxygen delivery and consumption for cardiovascular exercises.

The more oxygen you can efficiently consume and use, the easier exercise will become. Thus, it doesn't come as a surprise that a fit person has a higher VO2 Max than other people in general.
When people exercise, they tend to overdo it. But they often forget one crucial fact – they get tired too easily. Instead of reaching the recommended 30-minute timeframe, people start to push that pause button just 10 minutes into their chosen workout routine.

Because of this, VO2 Max is just as important as the air you breath in. The higher VO2 Max you have, the more endurance you have when exercising. This helps you to sweat longer and burn those excessive fats off you more effectively without feeling fatigue as quickly as before.

Although VO2 Max can be built over time by doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cross-training, tempo running, cycling and swimming (just naming a few), an alternative way to unlocking your fitness prowess is through dietary supplement which contains VO2 Max like M-EX from beyonde.

#MExFeelTheBurn helps increase the oxygen level in your body. With the extra oxygen on hand, your muscles can fully use it to maximize your fitness, allowing you to go #beyondeLimits. 

Though your road back to being fit again is rocky at best and awful at worst, remember to push yourself and never give up your initial goal. You might not be able see an hourglass figure every time you look at yourself in the mirror, but you will be surprised how your health has turned for the better. Not only you lower the risk of serious illness, including heart disease, diabetes, depression, and several types of cancer, exercise can also help you sleep better, reduce your stress, brighten your mood and sharpen your mental focus.

And before you know it… you will fall in love with the new you, the healthier you.

Healthy tips for a healthier you

When work-life balance doesn’t allow you to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle – read: less exercise, more junk food – it doesn’t come as a surprise that you are out of shape.

Facing with the issue on hand, people tend to fix only what they see, or the 'physical' aspect of the matter, either by taking up on a diet regime or going on a full-blown fasting, thinking that it is the easiest and fastest route. But what seemingly an 'easy' way out…is not always the 'best' possible way.

 Not only is it a temporary fix that you might end up gaining more than your initial lost, diet is extremely unhealthy to boot. Although there's no magic combination to increase your metabolism, there are much healthier ways you can do, or avoid doing, to improve not only your figure but also your overall health.

Here are five everyday habits you can secretly incorporate to get you eating less and moving more:
Ever since you were young, you have always heard that water is important for you. Not only it helps with nutrient absorption and improves blood-oxygen circulation, it also helps boost metabolism. Besides, drinking plenty of water during the workout can also increase your strength, power and endurance.
Yes, you read that right the first time. Although it may sound counterintuitive, increasing your intake of healthy fats may actually help prevent weight gain. Besides maintaining the feeling of fullness, fat takes more time to digest which helps reduce appetite and hunger throughout the day. Some of the healthy fats that you should fill up your kitchen are avocado, cheese, eggs, olive oil, and salmon.
Protein is incredibly important for your health – it has many roles and functions in the body, including repairing and maintaining bones and muscles. But for those who are health-conscious, they know that protein is more than what meets the eye. A higher protein intake, besides suppressing appetite and craving for hours after eating, can increase the number of calories you burn. Since your body burns more energy when digesting proteins than it does for carbs and fat, it doesn't come as a surprise that it helps maintain your body at a healthy weight.
Sleep plays a vital role in your health. As you drift off to dreamland, your body begins to repair your damage cells, boost your immune system, file your memories, and recharge energies for the next day. However, not many people know that sleep also boosts fat burning and prevent weight gain. While several studies reveal that lack of sleep can increase your appetite (think: midnight snack), most studies have found that getting at least seven hours of sleep per night is most beneficial when it comes to body weight. If you are an insomniac by nature, remember to watch your caffeine intake and to put your phones and iPad away before your bedtime.
You won't be as healthy as you want to be without a regular exercise. Living in big cities, you can think of hundreds of reasons why you cannot 'hit the gym' – with the typical one being 'busy'. But exercise shouldn't be all about 'gym' or cardio. Walking, which we often overlooked, is counted as exercise. Using stairs instead of lift or escalator when possible or taking a short walk down the block to your favorite lunch spots instead of driving – is a good start. If you want to build stamina and burn excess calories, try walking briskly. Other activities that you can do at the vicinity of your home while burning big chunks of calories include rope jumping, dancing and planking.

But exercising is not always easy, especially for those who are out of shape for months. People always come to the crossroad when they are out of breath and their muscles scream to stop, to go on or to hold on.

“So, will you go for it, or things just remain the same?

Most people know that to be back in shape, they need to exercise and burn beyond their limits… many forfeited because of their endurance. Though strength can be built over time by working out regularly, there is a secret shortcut to unlocking your exercise level: VO2 Max – which measures how effectively the oxygen is delivered and used by your body while exercising. The higher the VO2 Max, the more endurance you have – and the longer you can exercise while feeling less fatigue.

You might think that you have to wait long before you can enjoy that level of endurance, but with the help of M-EX, you can go #beyondeLimits. Containing high VO2 Max, it helps maximize your fitness by increasing the oxygen in your body. With more oxygen, your body, especially the muscles, can fully utilize it to perform better and longer in your workout.

As a result, you can exercise longer while gradually building up your physical strength and endurance. And most important of all, you can effectively burn those excessive fats off you.

Though you might not be able to see the difference in yourself overnight, but as you ‘eat less, and move more’ you will be surprised by the result. It’s time to say ‘hello’ to your revolutionized self – the much healthier and fitter you.

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